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About Us
  • 1973 Firebird Trans AM 455
    1973 Firebird Trans AM 455
  • 1969 Charger Rt/SE 440 L Code
    1969 Charger Rt/SE 440 L Code
  • 1970 Dodge Charger RT 440 Six Pack
    1970 Dodge Charger RT 440 Six Pack
  • 1970 Challenger RT V Code Six Pack
    1970 Challenger RT V Code Six Pack
  • 1970 Super Bee
    1970 Super Bee Top Banana Dodge Cornet Super Bee

Motown muscle cars started life simply as a car collector, myself trying to buy, drive and enjoy old Motown and American muscle cars. I bought cars I could afford which meant that they always needed to be worked on or finished. Like many of you who are reading this, couldn't do much of the work myself so I had to rely on local shops to do the work for me. Shops generally overcharged me, never completed work, deadlines never kept, or work was done but it seemed unsafe or hacked together, cars and other valuable parts may have been not what I was expecting, what I wanted and possibly stolen. The problems and unprofessionalism went on and on. I even helped a local mechanic start a shop and had the same poor results.

I had enough, so I teamed up with a friend, the Best Car hunter on the East Coast, and opened up my own shop.

Motown Muscle Cars was born out of a need to complete my cars from start to finish, with no excuses, no cutting corners, no junk, only cool cars done properly. I brought my previous success from my other businesses to Motown Muscle Cars, hired a great crew, bought the best equipment, a clean building and started bringing in the coolest and rarest cars that only could have only been designed in Detroit and built in America.

We work on cars year-round, restoring and rebuilding cars for customers and for our own collection. And we carry a inventory of great american muscle cars that varies depending on our purchases from sellers and collection requirements. We buy, sell and trade cool cars, so if you think you have something we'd be interested, then give us a call.

We believe that cars are to be driven and enjoyed, not just collected.

James Zander - Motown Muscle Cars
Phone: 1-248-249-5628

Motown Muscle Cars

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