Selling off a few cars in my collection for wholesale. Please check out my auctions as i will be selling 5 to 6 cars this week.  I have been collecting cars for many years and have my own restoration shop on site. My cars our either full Rotisserie restored, show cars or unrestored originals gone thru to be reliable drivers.
This is a great chance for somebody to buy investment grade car and enjoy driving it while the prices keep going up, money in the bank is only getting .025% so why let it sit in some bankers pocket. Enjoy your life and let your money drive you around while it grows, i have been getting a minimum of a .10% ROI return on investment.
I have lost great amounts of money in the stock market and buying gold over the years, learn by my mistakes control your investments buy collector cars.
I have been able to take my retirement savings of 120k ( yes i know thats not a lot), and turn into a million and half dollar car collection in just under three years.
I wholesale cars to collectors so if your looking for a certain car please feel to call me. (i specialize in american muscle cars 60’s early 70’s)


2014 mustang coyote show car

Show car specifically built for 2013 SEMA show at Las Vegas sands convention center.
Setup to showcase new products from a aftermarket manufacture.

A one off concept car that you can actually own w a full factory warranty.
Car draws crowds every place she has been shown at, win yourself some trophies at the local car shows.

2014 Mustang gt coyote 35k
Show car paint 15k
TIS luxury Dub wheels $7.5k
Assorted upgrades $10k
Only 1100 test/delivery miles on odometer
Roush Standard/Factory cars that are half this nice are selling for 60k+
Car would cost nearly $70,000 to duplicate, don’t PASS UP THIS DEAL.

Full factory warranty.
Roush stage 4 upgrades
Roush Grill
Roush Hood scoop
Roush Rear wing
Roush Quarter window lovers
Roush tail panel
Tail black center trim
Roush fender logos
Roush rear center call out emblem
Matching red valve covers
Matching red accent on intake cover
Shelby gt 500 rear diffuser
Shelby gt 500 front splitter and air dam
Cat exhaust flow master system
TIS luxury Dub wheels

Premium GT Leather seats
Power seats
Power windows
Power locks  and remote
Alarm system
Power hatch
Satillite/cd radio
Cruise control
Led headlights
Gt 4 disc brakes
Automatic 6 speed,  
w/manual button shifter
Sequential brake lights
All standard GT options

Restoration Levels

Level A

Full Restoration. Show car paint, complete rotisserie, all new or restored interior, suspension, brakes, rebuilt motor, instrumentation, tires etc. Rebuilt to new or better than came off assembly line. Car show Quality.