• 1973 Firebird Trans AM 455
    1973 Firebird Trans AM 455
  • 1969 Charger Rt/SE 440 L Code
    1969 Charger Rt/SE 440 L Code
  • 1970 Dodge Charger RT 440 Six Pack
    1970 Dodge Charger RT 440 Six Pack
  • 1970 Challenger RT V Code Six Pack
    1970 Challenger RT V Code Six Pack
  • 1970 Super Bee
    1970 Super Bee Top Banana Dodge Cornet Super Bee

Motown Muscle Cars is a full restoration shop, we can take a car from rusty wreck to a show car. We specialize in restoring cars built in the motor city from 1960's and the early 1970's. We specialize in these specific years for a couple of major reasons, first of all we love muscle cars from Motown era. The motor city is our home, and the rich history is all around us, it's in our blood. Since we are located in motor city area where is all was designed and built, we have a major advantage over other buyers, collectors and mechanics as the original cars and parts are right here in Detroit, Michigan, and nearly impossible to find other places around the world.

We own 99% of the cars we restore and sell. We carry a large inventory of cars that are waiting to be sold or restored.

I wholesale cars to collectors so if your looking for a certain car please feel to call me. (i specialize in american muscle cars 60’s early 70’s)


We do, paint, frame, motor, suspension, brakes, interior, performance, exhaust, body, etc. If it goes on a car, we do it.

Why Buy old Motown-American cars?

I have been collecting cars for many years, and have my own restoration shop. My cars our either full-rotisserie restored, show cars or un-restored originals, that have been completely gone through and restored to be reliable drivers.

I have lost great amounts of money in the stock market and buying gold over the years, until I learn from my mistakes, to control my investments in buying collector cars. Investment in valuable cars, and enjoy driving them, while the prices keep going up, while money in the bank is only getting .25%. So why let your money sit in some bankers pocket? Enjoy your life and let your money drive you around while your investment grows. I've been getting a minimum of a .10% return on investment on my cars and believe that they are a great way to invest, and make money on.

I have been able to take my retirement savings of 120k (Yes, I know that's not a lot), and turn into a car collection worth over a million dollars in just under five years.

Muscle Cars Are Cool

Want a turn key car that you can drive to the local car shows, that takes home the trophies?
Want a car that will wake the dead, draw crowds and cause old men to weep?
Want a car that will bring a smile to your face and giggle to your lips every time you hit the gas pedal?
Want a car that will turn even the worst day into the best with a simply twist of a key and a push on the gas pedal? Look no further than Motown Muscle Cars, give us a call at 248-249-5628.

Motown Muscle Cars

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